The exact warranty period for technical support for the product is indicated on the product card on the website. Some products have a warranty for the period of use (for example, if the license is for an antivirus for 1 year, then the warranty is 1 year), some products have a lifetime warranty.

General store rules: 2 weeks for exchange or refund; 1 year warranty for activation of the license key.

We work with trusted and reliable suppliers, so the key transfer chain is easily tracked, from the position of the final customer, so that there are no situations when the activation key does not fit or is already used according to the program messages, it is necessary to treat the activation key sent carefully access of third parties.

In case of such a situation, you should contact us so that we can check and determine the source of the key receipt, as well as the possible reasons for the error.

Including this will be conducted with the participation of technical support services provider key.

In the event of an error on our fault, we will compensate for the costs and inconveniences.

Also, the Payeer payment system is the guarantor of a successful and fair transaction, which will provide a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with something.

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