Return policy

The guarantee of replacement, technical support or return on products presented on our site is 24 months, unless otherwise specified on the card of the particular product.

Guarantee of replacement or return to keys for Antivirus, products with a lifetime for the entire specified lifetime


1. The warranty for the replaced goods is terminated with the guarantee for the main purchase. In this regard, the seller has the right to give the buyer a key that is less than the basic one, provided that the work of the key is completed no earlier than the date to which the key of the initial purchase should have been worked out.

2. It should be noted that there are conditions for denial of service and withdrawal of warranty obligations from the seller:

  • Provision of unreliable information about the purchase

  • An attempt to deceive the seller, issuing a working product for a non-working.

  • Non-compliance with the usage rules - installation on a larger number of PCs than specified in the description, etc.

  • The warranty period has expired

  • If the buyer has applied with a guarantee case in support and after rendering assistance, he claims that the goods are not working - the goods will be checked by the store and if it is operational, it will be involved in the attempt of deception.
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