License ESD Windows 10 Home


  • 9,500 руб.

  • 2 or more 7,200 руб.

Brief characteristics
Delivery time 1-5 hours
Interface language Multilanguage
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ESD-license, which can be purchased in our store to activate Windows 10 Home, will give you access to an edition of the operating system that is optimally suited for home use. It has all the requested features, as well as new features and improved performance indicators. In the home version of Windows 10 there is an updated "Start" menu and virtual voice assistant Cortana. Replaced IE Browser Edge has improved features, an up-to-date design for comfortable web surfing.

Than Windows 10 Home is noteworthy:

  • increased OS startup speed;
  • updated and improved Start menu;
  • A powerful voice assistant;
  • multitasking OS;
  • The current Edge browser;
  • the optimal location of applications, flexible customization of appearance;
  • access to the Microsoft application store;
  • Continuum technology support for simultaneous launch of several programs;
  • support for the touch screen without additional settings;
  • Updating the standard set of applications.

Windows 10 Home - edition of the new operating system from Microsoft, aimed at a wide range of users. There is a strong support for gaming communities from the manufacturer.


Delivery time 1-5 hours
Interface language Multilanguage
License type ESD
Number of PCs 1
System width 32/64
Guarantee Lifetime
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License ESD Windows 10 Home

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