License Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 5 PCs 1 year


  • 3,200 руб.

Brief characteristics
Delivery time 1-5 hours
Interface language Multilanguage
All characteristics

Find high-quality software that is able to protect multiple computers, it's easy, if you buy a license key to Kaspersky. This program is designed for individuals in accordance with needs and requirements, but this does not exclude the possibility of using the program for managers of organizations and companies. Undoubted advantage to the Internet Intranet Sesurit 2017 is the lack of load on the OS during the operation of the antivirus. At its option, the user can focus the software on the most important for him programs and files. The only thing that the user will notice after installing the antivirus Kaspersku Intrnet Sesuritu is to increase the computer's performance and its efficiency.

At any time, the owner of the License key to the Swiss Internet Service 2017 5PC can use the technical support services to solve the urgent problems. Being a full owner of the antivirus, the user has the right to configure the program in a convenient way for him. Take advantage of these opportunities can be the owner of any of the five computers.


Delivery time 1-5 hours
Interface language Multilanguage
License type Electronic License
Number of PCs 5
System width 32/64
Guarantee 12 months
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