Advantages of using electronic keys of Windows and Office programs

Microsoft provides the opportunity to buy Windows and Office software with a binding and without binding to an account via electronic keys (ESD, Retail). They can be ordered directly from us.

Advantages of using electronic keys:

1. All functionality of box assembly without physical media. The distribution is downloaded directly from the manufacturer's website, which eliminates the need to leave the house or workplace to complete the purchase.

2. Fast delivery. The e-mail comes with a message with a key and a download link for 15-20 minutes. This is the fastest way to purchase software from Microsoft.

3. The cost is lower than for boxed versions. The manufacturer and its representatives do not spend money on logistics, manufacturing physical media and other costs, providing the product directly from the company's servers. This allows you to offer a more favorable price.

Binding to the account eliminates problems with software recovery, as in the case of physical media that can be lost. You can always download the current version from the link and quickly activate it.

297 11/10/2017
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