How to install yourself from a USB flash drive or DVD with the help of an electronic key

To install the Windows 10 operating system from a DVD drive, you need to follow several steps:

1. Download the Window 10 installation utility

2. In it, choose the desired product with the item: "I want to burn an optical disc."

3. Then follow the steps described in the account to create the media

4. Installation of the system. If the computer is clean, in the BIOS settings, you need to set the priority device to the DVD drive (or use F11 when booting for a one-time change) and insert the recorded disc.

If there is another system - the installation is carried out from under it. Finishing - binding the PC account to the Microsoft account.

When using USB-media, you must first download the ISO-image with the operating system and a special distribution kit for recording installation USB flash drives (everything is on the official Microsoft website).

Following the instructions, you should create the physical media and go to the fourth step, selecting USB-HDD as the priority device in the BIOS (via F11), or installing from under the existing system.

The procedure takes a minimum of time. Clearly following the manufacturer's instructions, you can handle it without having special skills.

5. Activate the system with a key, select the key you can on the page

519 07/09/2017
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