How to install yourself from a USB flash drive or DVD with the help of an electronic key

Microsoft is no longer implementing Windows 7.

The company has concentrated on the promotion of versions 8.1 and 10.

Therefore, the first step to installing a popular operating system is to find a suitable ISO image and purchase an electronic key. When buying a key from us - we provide the distribution kit along with the key.

Next, you need to create an installation disc (DVD or USB). To do this, you can use the free program UltraRAISO or any similar.

If there is no operating system on the PC, you need to go into the BIOS or UEFI settings when turning on the device and select the DVD-drive or USB-HDD as the priority device (depending on the installation media). Before rebooting, insert the disk (flash drive).

Next, the installation screen appears. You need to select the necessary parameters and wait until the installation is completed. On one of the steps that precede the first launch of the operating system, they will be asked to enter the key (for boxed versions). If you have ESD, Retail or OEM (electronic key), check the "Activation on the first connection to the Internet" checkbox and click "Next".

The final step after installation is activation through a Microsoft account using the Internet or using a telephone connection.

480 07/09/2017
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