Comparison of Windows 10 Home (Home) and Windows 10 Pro (Professional)

Windows 10 Home has all the functionality required for home use. Windows 10 Pro features advanced features that help small business:

• management of updates. Their number is greater due to a larger package of applications;

• access to the application store for business;

• Support for different devices with remote access;

• a wider list of network standards, you can organize a corporate network;

• shared documents, remote printers, more opportunities for cloud storage;

• Group Policy Management. This is not necessary for the owners of one PC;

• Improved encryption methods for business protection;

• the ability to upgrade to an Enterprise version targeting medium and large businesses at a lower cost.

The version of Windows 10 Pro simplifies the conduct of commercial activities. Additional functions are focused primarily on security and work with documentation. You can install specialized software and get all the features of the Enterprise level (with proper configuration).

If your PC is only for personal use and not used for business, the functionality of Windows 10 Home will be more than enough.

458 02/08/2017
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