Comparison of Windows 7 Home and Pro

Windows 7 Home Advanced offers all the functionality needed for home use. The version of Windows 7 Pro has several differences, focused on solving specific problems and simplified business.

What does the professional version 7 of the OS version from Microsoft offer compared to the home version:

• Run programs with Windows XP emulation. It may be required for old specialized software;

• Remote access to the desktop;

• joining the domain structure;

• Advanced backup and recovery capabilities;

• availability of file system encryption, providing additional data protection;

• Group Policy Management. Allows you to provide limited capabilities to different users;

• Ability to use network printers with the location of the device.

A typical user who does not need Remote Desktop Connection, the deployment of a domain structure, the launch of old software is enough Windows 7 Home Advanced. This is an excellent opportunity to save on a licensed operating system, without limiting itself in the functionality used. If you need the most extensive features, choose Windows 7 Ultimate.

225 10/08/2017
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