The advantages of license keys over unlicensed products

The affordable cost of licensed electronic keys is another advantage over unlicensed products.

What the official user receives:

• Stable running software without changes. Manufacturers of counterfeit often cut functionality, embed third-party applications that can harm the system and the user: spy, load hardware, block personal data.

• Legal security. This is especially true for business, but it is important for individuals. The use of unlicensed software is a crime that can be regarded as stealing and exploiting someone else's property. The licensed product will guarantee no claims from the right holder.

• Comprehensive support. The use of licensed software provides the opportunity to receive assistance and advice from the manufacturer.

• Convenient use. After the activation of the electronic key, the user does not face problems of hacking and other inconveniences that accompany pirated products.

Microsoft offers several options for switching from unlicensed software to the official one. This makes it possible to simplify the implementation of this task and to work within the framework of the current legislation.

240 27/06/2017
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