Terms of service


General Provisions

This document, which approves the rules for the sale of Products (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules"), as well as the description of the Products submitted by the Seller in the Internet Shop, together constitute a Public Offer addressed to an undefined circle of persons and expressed in writing.

The terms:

The buyer is a natural or legal person who has made an order or purchase of the Product, or has the intention to make an order or to purchase the Products.

The seller is an online store, the website soft.support, used by the Site Administration as property.

Products - alphanumeric keys (activation key), codes and other products for software activation.

The Seller has the right to amend these Rules and the Product Description at any time, including the price.

Terms of sale

By ordering or purchasing Products through the online store, the Buyer agrees with these Rules. Full and unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the terms and conditions of the Rules is the execution by the User of payment of the Products.

To purchase the Products in the online store, the Buyer carries out the registration of the order using the appropriate interface in the section of the Internet store.

For the convenience of the Buyer, the Seller sends the Product Activation Key (if any) to the Buyer's e-mail immediately (usually the delivery time for Windows is from 5 minutes to 1 hour / for Office from 30 minutes to 2 hours. 24 hours.) After payment is confirmed.

Products in its material part, if included, are sent to the postal address specified by the Buyer, and the Buyer shall pay for the cost of delivery of the Products.

If the Buyer did not explicitly provide the address for the delivery of the material part of the Product and / or did not pay the shipping cost when the order was made, the Seller's obligations to the Buyer shall be considered fully executed in accordance with clause 2.3., If the Product's activation key was previously sent.

When placing an order, the Buyer shall provide the Seller with the following information:

E-mail address;

Method of payment (choice of one of the options provided by the Seller).

The Seller provides the Buyer with information about changes in the status of the order (orders) of the Buyer, by informing the Buyer by e-mail.

The cost of production and the order of payments

The cost of the product is given in its description on the corresponding pages of the online store.

The products shall be considered paid by the Buyer from the moment of receipt by the Seller:

confirmation of payment from the system through which the payment was made.

The choice and use of the method of payment for the Products is carried out by the Buyer at its own discretion, on the page Ordering. The buyer must bear in mind that some payment methods occur with the participation of third parties in settlements between the Buyer and the Seller and the Seller can not be held responsible for the acts or omissions of such persons. The security and confidentiality of personal data, as well as the amount of commissions and interest for the transfer of funds are agreed upon by the Buyer with these third parties independently.

The ordered and paid for production is subject to delivery by the Seller, or the third person authorized by the Seller, on conditions and in the terms specified by the Seller at registration of the order.

Terms of Use

The procedure and conditions for the use of the Products by the Buyer are determined by its rightholders

Unless otherwise determined by the copyright owner, the material to which the User has access can be downloaded and played back in memory only one computing device (usually one copy can be installed on one computer) belonging to the User and used for its direct purpose (t in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations) on this device.


During the term of the Agreement, the Seller will make reasonable efforts to eliminate any malfunctions and errors in the functioning of the Internet store. At the same time, the Seller does not guarantee the complete absence of errors and failures and reserves the right to suspend the operation of the Internet store for a while due to technological reasons.

The seller does not bear any warranty obligations related to the operation of the Products on the technical equipment of the Buyer and does not assume any obligation to ensure such functioning. The buyer, at his own discretion and his own risk, decides on the purchase of the Products, based on the anticipated conditions for the use of the Products.

The seller does not guarantee the possibility of activating the Products for Buyers not located in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The seller may not be required to notify the buyer of the product activation region (country).

If the Buyer can not activate and / or use the Products because of the location in the region different from those specified in clause 5.3. this is not a reason for the return / replacement of the goods or payment by the Seller in favor of the buyer of any other

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